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 Counselling to help you thrive

Positive Psychology is the study of what makes people thrive not just survive (and it should not be confused with ‘positive thinking’).

Through evidence-based clinical practices I will help you to:

  • Experience inner peace by treating yourself with acceptance and compassion
  • Create deeper connections by relating to others with kindness and wisdom
  • Live more fully by capitalising on your strengths and talentsfather son for home page as snip

With over 25 years counselling experience, I foster warm, genuine and compassionate relationships with my clients.

Helping men

My special area of interest is in helping men develop satisfying emotional and family lives. Being practical and grounded, I like to define with my clients the “project” we focus on and then work together towards it.

See my Approach to Counselling to learn how I guide clients towards a mindful and authentic life.

See Relationship Counselling to learn how I help partners enhance connection and use constructive ways to settle differences.

My blog contains further tips and ideas to help you and your relationship flourish.

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Hagai “Guy” Avisar



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Two experts explain how the drama of mother-baby bond continues to impact our adult love life. In this segment you will see impact of loss of connection and how to repair it.
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