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Welcome to Positive Psychology Melbourne

Positive Psychology is the science of what makes people flourish.
 It is not about 'positive thinking'.

The Positive Psychology approach to counselling aims at helping clients thrive, not just survive. It will involve two simultaneous processes:
One is to help you cope with emotional pains and debilitating thinking habits.
The other is to help you explore and pursue what really matters to you, what you say 'yes' to - your goals, values, strengths and satisfying relationships.
Read more about our Approach to Counselling.    

In Relationship Counselling you will learn with your partner how to build a healthy and satisfying relationship. The focus is on helping you develop relationship skills and relationship qualities that matter to you the most.   

We look forward to helping you cultivate the seeds of a flourishing life.

Hagai "Guy" Avisar

and the Positive Psychology Melbourne Team