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Welcome to Positive Psychology Melbourne

Positive Psychology is the science of what makes people flourish.

The Positive Psychology approach to counselling aims at helping clients thrive, not just survive.
 Our counsellors will help you explore what really matters to you, what you say 'yes' to - your purpose, goals, values, strengths and relationships. 
People are usually driven to seek counselling to cope better with emotional pains such as stress, anxiety, depression or a crisis in their relationship. The positive psychology model in counselling will try to go beyond addressing these issues, to aim at helping you fulfill the best parts in yourself.  

Read more about our Approach to Counselling.    

In Relationship Counselling you will learn with your partner how to build a healthy and satisfying relationship. Here again we focus on what you want to say ‘yes’ to: respect, trust, authentic connection, and understanding each other's needs. 

Is it like Positive Thinking?!  Click HERE to read how different. 

We look forward to helping you tap into your strengths and cultivate the seeds of a flourishing life.

Hagai Avisar

and the Positive Psychology Melbourne Team   
Relationships Workshop