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Hagai in gardenPositive Psychology is the study of what makes people thrive not just survive. I apply this approach in my area of interest – relationship.

I help couples and individuals make their relationship flourish.

My particular interest is helping men with their family relations and with their emotions.

Counselling is a process of conversation and the language we use has a hypnotic power over us. Positive psychology adds to the conversation possibilities like self-acceptance, resilience, mindfulness, optimism, gratitude, authentic connection and more.  

The most common finding in research about well-being is that the quality of your relationships father son for home page as snipmatters the most.  I believe that any healing or growth should involve learning these two essential skills: How to relate to self and how to relate to others.

  • Relate to self with acceptance and compassion and you will experience inner peace.
  • Relate to others through the same attitude of kindness and you will experience deeper connection and joy.

I encourage you to explore my blog where you may find some helpful tips and ideas.

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Thank you

Hagai “Guy” Avisar


The Positive Psychology Melbourne Team


  Self-acceptance is a major hallmark of well-being. It is a process of seeing and embracing unconditionally who you are regardless of your flaws and mistakes. You realise that in you r core being – rather than in what you do - you are lovable as you are. Your worthiness of love doesn’t come into question…
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